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Value of industrial production in July was estimated at over VND 4.128 billion

According to the report of Department of Industry and Trade, the industrial production index in July 2018 increased 1.41% over the previous month, in which the mining industry increased 2.57%, the processing, manufacture industry increased 5.82%; water supply, waste and wastewater management and disposal activity increased 2.74%.

Production at Aidi Electrical and Mechanical Company Limited

The value of industrial production in July was estimated at over VND 4,128 billion , increasing 0.96% over the previous month and increasing 13.62%t over the same period of last year.

In which, the state economy was estimated at VND 553.9 billion, decreasing 22.1%; non-state economy is estimated at VND 2,647.85 billion; the economy with foreign investment capital was estimated at VND 980.68 billion, increasing 5.6% over the previous month.

In the month, the mining industry was estimated at VND 31.1 billion, increasing 2.57%; processing, manufacture industry achieved VND 3,779.8 billion, increasing 4.24%...

In term of trade activity, total retail goods turnover and consumer service revenue in July 2018 was estimated at VND 3,303.2 billion, increasing 1.01% over the previous month and increasing 8.2% over the same period. In which, trade was estimated at VND 2,864.7 billion; hotel and food and drink restaurant were estimated at VND 258.3 billion; service was estimated at VND 180.2 billion.

Export turnover in the month was estimated at USD 138.27 million, increasing 9.82% over the previous month. Import turnover was estimated at USD 140.6 million, decreasing 0.32% over the previous month. Some exported items increased sharply, such as rice, wood, paper and paper products; textiles…

In July 2018, the Market Management Agency inspected 333 cases, treated 102 cases, total penalty money was VND 311.35 million, increasing 89.7 million over the previous month and increasing VND 140.6 million over the same period of 2017.



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