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Opening ceremony of Tien La Temple Festival

In the evening of 6/4/2017, that was March 10 of Dinh Dau year, People's Committee of Hung Ha District (Thai Binh) celebrated the opening ceremony of Tien La Temple Festival.

Coming to the ceremony was Mr. Dang Trong Thang - Deputy Standing Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party. The attendants of the ceremony were the members of the Standing Committee of the provincial Committee of the Party, Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, leaders of the provincial departments and sectors, leaders of Hung Ha district and many local people and visitors.

Tien La Temple is worshiping Bat Nan Dong Nhung - Top-ranking General Vu Thi Thuc - the one deserved well of the country, accompanying the people and Hai Ba Trung to expel the Dong Han invader. According to the historical records, when Ma Vien brought his soldiers to reoccupy our country, because the enemy force was strong, the insurgent army commanded by Bat Nan Dong Nhung Top-ranking General retreated to stand firm in the ancient Tam Cuong area (currently known as Tien La village, Doan Hung Commune, Hung Ha)

After day and night of violent fighting, Bat Nan Dong Nhung Top-ranking General together with her soldiers bravely sacrificed. In order to commemorate her merit, the local people set up her own temple on the land she previously sacrificed.

At the opening ceremony, after the thurification ritual, the local cadres and people reviewed and commemorated the historical merit of Bat Nan Dong Nhung Top-ranking General Vu Thi Thuc through special performances by artists of Thai Binh Cheo Theater and the others who were from Hung Ha.









Tien La Temple festival in Hung Ha district will take place until the end of March 17 of lunar calendar with many diversified activities rich in spiritual cultural character. Tien La Temple Festival annually meets the spiritual needs of all classes, and makes Tien La Temple become a destination in the system of historical - cultural - spiritual tourism system of the whole country.

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