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City: Total state budget revenue in the first 4 months is estimated at VND 592 billion

In the morning of 4 May, the People’s Committee of Thai Binh city held a preliminary sum-up of the socio-economic development situation in the first 4 months, deployment of the central tasks in May and June 2018.

Sewing line of Thai Ha Garment Enterprise.

In the first 4 months of 2018, the Municipal People’s Committee has focused on directing and managing drastically and focally the tasks and solutions for socio-economic development, strengthened administrative reform and ensured stability of political security situation, social order and safety in the area. The industry, construction, trade and service continued to grow well. The industrial production value was estimated at VND 4,952 billion, increasing 11.5% in comparison to the same period. Agricultural production is basically stable, the localities completed 100% of area of spraying insecticides against Erionota thrax, chafer, and 300ha of anobium borer. The work of financial management and budget revenues and expenditures was strengthened. Total state budget revenue was estimated at VND 592 billion, achieving 33% of the estimate, equal to 105% over the same period.

In the coming time, the city will continue to direct, strengthen the implementation of solutions to attract investment into economic fields. Strengthen the solutions to prevent budget loss, ensure the work of urban order, traffic safety and environmental hygiene. Strictly and synchronously implement the measures on political security, social order and safety in the area.


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